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P.T Qui Handika is a national company engage in directional drilling and measurement while drilling services for oil and gas sector to deliver superior results and performance for oil and gas company in Indonesia. The company was founded in the early 1989 as mud material and engineering services, after restructuring in July’2005, grew to become the leading national services company to provide directional services in the country.

P.T Qui Handika believes in investing and maintaining top quality equipment. Takes advantage of the latest innovations and technology to provide customers the right equipment to increase productivity and deliver lower total well costs. With our in-house repair facility P.T Qui Handika is able to improve its equipment fleet with on-going tool maintenance and upgrades.

P.T Qui Handika has a long standing and ongoing commitment to Health, Safety and Environment in all aspects of our operations. That commitment is to encourage the development of a culture within company that promotes continous improvement through awareness and risk reduction.

P.T Qui Handika believes that each employee can be a safety leader on the job simply by taking ownership of their own safety and making the health and safety of people around them a primary concern.

Our commitment to environmental management led P.T Qui Handika to establish systems to ensure we meet or exceed environmental standards in all our activities.



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